Sony Smartwatch 2

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Smart watches haven’t taken off the market yet, but with all the hoo-ha surrounding the Pebble smart watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear, youngsters have started taking interest in these gadgets. Sony, the corporate giant known for its incredible widgets has recently launched yet another smashing product in this series known as the Sony Smart Watch 2, which by the way is the third smart watch designed by the makers.

This incredible waterproof Android wrist watch has an ultra-sleek and light design that ticks all the boxes that customers could have hoped for. Quite contrary to previous geeky versions of smart watches, Sony smart watch 2 is unobtrusive, premium and sophisticated in its own way. Shoppers can readily use it as the second screen for their Android 4.0 phones.


This miraculous gadget is a sleeker, refined and more focused beast. It features a metal body carefully embellished with slim rubber straps that give it a flexible, casual and compact look. In short, it’s big enough to use comfortably but light when you’ve to carry it around.

  •  Users can check social media, read their mails or exchange texts in a matter of few minutes.
  •  Its gorgeous 1.6 inch transflective LCD screen is ultra-bright and works on a sunny day.
  •  Bluetooth 3, IP 57 water resistant rating, NFC for swift pairing, incredible 4-days battery backup, flap covered microUSB charging port and ease of data transfer are some extra add-ons.

What makes it better than its nemeses? It’ll never turn off! Even when the watch is safely tucked inside your pockets, it’ll revert to a low-power clock standby mode rather than getting switched off. You can pick or reject calls, pair it with a cam or smart phone to click pictures, set vibration mode for notifications and download tons of apps for personal entertainment.

Thinking of the downsides? There aren’t any, except that it lacks a speaker and mic so unfortunately, they’ll be no MIB type talking to your wrist and exchanging messages like a secret agent on your watch.

Sleek lines, decent apps, powerful features and affordable price fetch it a 4 out of 5 star ratings. The best part is you can legitimately ask for it as your Christmas gift! So, you must go for Sony smart watch 2. It’s worth giving a shot!