Samsung Galaxy Gear


The Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch is an  assistant for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy 10.1 smartphones, but, does the smartphone really need an assistant?
Firstly, you can choose one of 6 colours. Dull or bright; there’s a Samsung Galaxy Gear suited to most tastes: orange, green, rose gold, beige, grey, or black. You’re looking at a sturdy aluminium piece here, designed in a modern way to fit in with current trends. There’s 4GB of storage to play with, too.
Now, what does it actually do? The Samsung Galaxy Gear syncs up with your  smartphone to notify you of any actions that occur on it. Other than just receiving these notifications, there are some actions that you can undertake on the device as you would on your smartphone. Note that these actions are limited, e.g. Replying to text messages, receiving phone calls, and taking photos. You can sync a lot of apps onto the device too; however, they are only watered down versions with limited access to features.


The Samsung Galaxy Gear is by no means a match for your smartphone in terms of call and photo quality but would perhaps come in handy at other times. Instead of checking your e-mails every five minutes, taking photos of your latest cuisine to share with Facebook, or watching cat videos on YouTube; you could go for a lovely afternoon walk knowing that you’re not totally out of touch!

Do you need a device that notifies you of your notifications? If so then check out the Samsung Galaxy Gear. It will cost you £299 and is available to buy now.