Samsung Gear 2 – The evolution?

10-Gear-2-neo-black-2Let’s go back to September 25, 2013. That was the day when the Samsung Galaxy Gear was released. The watch created a whole new type buzz across the globe, but then it also received many complaints. One major complaint was that of the short battery life. With the release of the Samsung Gear 2, Samsung has greatly improved the battery life of the watch. The watch also comes with a new polished design and a whole lot of new hardware. To get to the point, the Samsung Gear 2 is great in every way when compared to Samsung Gear (Original). But that does not mean that you have to go for it, does it? Here’s the twist in the tale. The Samsung Gear 2 maybe does not deliver up to its price tag of $299. Yeah, it looks like a made-for-the-commuter type watch, but then maybe it does not deliver up to its expectations. Sure, there will be people who claim that the Samsung Gear 2 is an incredible watch. But, unless you have a lot of money to spend, or you are a loyal Samsung fanboy, maybe is no requirement for you to pay the asking price of $300. That added to the limited app selection in the Samsung Gear 2 bores your soul out. This is one of the major reasons why the Samsung Gear has received negative feedbacks. Unless Samsung can fetch up some developers for its smartwatch, the future generations of the Samsung Gear will not breed any type of hype in the town. Talking about the positives, the software used is very simple and user-friendly. Slight improvements have been made to the camera. The negatives however are that the new smartwatch is just a successor to the Samsung Gear, with nothing more than a polished design. Then comes the lack of apps, which annoys almost every user of the watch. Rounding up on the watch, the watch is like an average evolution of its predecessor, with a price tag of $299. GalaxyGear2