Nike fuelband

nike fuelband_02Smartwatches these days are considered a need because of the uses it brings to people. Nike fuelband is one of the smartwatches that is out in the market today that you just can’t miss. Why? Because of the specifications and the benefits it will bring to you. In addition, it comes with a very well known product brand that produces great satisfaction to its customers in terms of improving yourself in sports.


• It provides an estimate of the total number of steps taken, your overall distance, and an estimate of the amount of calories you burn.
• The smartwatch can easily sync into your iPhone or iPod Touch.
• Its battery life can reach up to four days with its two lithium polymer batteries.

Product Details:

• It is available in three sizes (small, medium/large, and extra large).
• It includes a charging stand, USB charging cable, and a sizing tool.
• Water-resistant.
• Comes with a Bluetooth powered device.
• It has an adjustable ambient light sensor.

nike fuelband_01

How Does it Work?

The device uses a sport-tested accelerometer that enables to measure any movement you make whether you are walking, running, biking, dancing, and many other activities that you can do. If you see the color red, it means that you haven’t reached your daily goals yet. On the other hand, if you see the color green, then it means that you already have reached your daily goal. You can easily view the number of calories you’ve burned through its one button system. This electronic bracelet is what you need if you want to improve yourself all the way through wellness.

Nike fuelband only costs $ 150 that comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Over the years Nike has produced quality products that use the latest technology to be able to meet the everyday needs. And this product is not an exemption, it will not just make an addition to your accessories but it is a bracelet that will enable you to change for a better, healthier way.