Moto 360 from Motorola

This Smartwatch comes with the branding of Motorola with the SO Android wear installed.

Classic Design: Moto 360 Smartwatch has the  classic wristwatch style. The round design of the watch enlarges the display area, assuring a comfortable fit getting information conveniently and easily on your wrist.

Premium Quality: Premium waterproof Steel Case to Fix the renowned and premium Horween Leather, each material is a premium selection, including the Corning Gorilla Glass.

Easy Notifications: The Moto 360 displays your notifications keeping you stay on track.

Voice Recognition:Voice control makes it easier to use the Moto 360 ,even when your hands are occupied. All you need to do is just say “OK GOOGLE” and you can operate things like set a notification , check the wheather or ask for directions.


Stay Fit : Moto- Body is the built-in activity tracker that helps for a healthy lifestyle . Records your activity and you can receive coaching advice, giving you extra motivation to help meeting your fitness goals.

Social Network: Receive app notification right on your Moto 360 when connected to your smartphone. Get instant updates from Facebook messenger , Pinterest or Lyft among others.

Customisation: The Moto 360 allows the customer to choose own style with suitable colors. The circular design and replaceable leather strap clearly helps to communicate with both good look and feel.

Others: Has a battery that lasts all day. Its water resistant. Also has a built-in Smart pedometer and Optical Heart Rate Monitor.

The Moto 360 Smartwatch can easily be connected to the Smartphone, just install Android Wear on your smartphone and pair it to keep updated with the world.

It includes some accessories: One light metal watch Case. A charging Dock and a data sync cable.

It can be found in amazon starting at $149.