Cookoo Smartwatch – an affordable entry-level smart watch

The evolution of smart phones and other related technologies like Bluetooth has always depended on our ever changing modern lifestyles. This advancement is now beginning to spill over to the other devices like watches that we use on a daily basis. This has resulted in the spawning of a new breed of watches that are smart and which can be connected to your smart phone wirelessly. Cookoo smartwatch is one such addition to this stable of technology enabled devices.

This watch has been designed to look like an ordinary quartz watch with a round analog face containing the standard hour, minute and seconds handles for keeping time. The rubber band is pretty light and is comfortable to wear. The watch is available in a number of colors. The watch is powered by a CR2032 Lithium battery. Unlike its competitors it does not need recharging and is rated to last for a year after which you have to replace it with a new one. This smart watch is water resistant and can be taken along even while you are swimming.


You can connect this watch to any apple device like iPhone 4 and iPhone 5S through Bluetooth 4.0 version. It supports iOS 5 and iOS 6 versions. Once the connection with the phone has been established, it is very easy to use. Standard functions like alerts for incoming call, missed call, calendar reminder, facebook posts and twitter notifications are all supported by large icons that are self explanatory and easy to understand. There is an audible beep for such alerts. This watch can alert you if you move very far from your iPhone which is very useful if you have a habit of losing your phone often. More advanced functions can be configured on the watch by downloading the Cookoo IOS app.

Cookoo smartwatch is an entry level smart watch with limited feature set and an appropriate price point. It will be a suitable choice if you want to explore the world of smart watches without spending too much.


• Display Type : Analog for the clock. Digital for Connected Display.
• Watch Movement : Japanese analog movement
• Watch Material : Plastic casing, stainless steel bezel and case back, anti-scratch glass with soft silicon band
• Case Diameter : 44mm
• Case Thickness : 16.3mm
• Bluetooth : Bluetooth® 4.0, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Low Energy
• Water Resistant : 5 ATM
• Warranty : 1 year
• Color : Blue, Pink, Silver, Black and White. Limited edition in Green.